The Switch3D will only be possible if we understand what drives people. We must understand the magic of passion and talents. We must understand the power of our own and others potential.

We have to become ‘Engines of Innovation’.

An ‘Engine of Innovation’ has the power to set its own course in this turbulent world, has a fantastic learning power that harvests the ever increasing mass of information.

This part of the story introduces you to the real center of learning, the brain. One of the greatest short comings in organizations, and even in education, is the total lack in knowledge of brain based learning.

‘We are Engines’ also focuses other key areas for a personal development. This includes a personal mission and the competences to translate knowledge into action.

Awakening Objectives

  • An understanding of what happens when people are learning and why people resist to change. Every executive and entrepreneur who wants to create innovative organizations, should have this mindset in his toolkit.

  • Jeff’s Law as a compelling tool for the personal development of High Potentials. It connects four personal competences to become very valuable: Self-Leadership, Self- Casting, Self-Informing and Self-Empowerment.

After this session 2D, 3D, Switch3D, 3D-Smarting, Brain Based Learning, 3D-Competence Development, AAA-Learning, Jeff’s Law, Learning Tension, Learning Competences, Self-Leadership, Self-Casting, Self-Learning, Self-Empowerment and much more will chance your mindset about personal development forever. No more Sheeping!