‘The Red Monkey Story’ is new take on Jefs ideas & concepts. If you’d like to get involved and start working with the concept or the portfolio, do get in touch with us.

Become a Partner of ‘The Red Monkey Story’

We are looking for ‘Red Monkey Story Partners’ who are interested in organizing ‘Red Monkey Story Trails’ @yourregion or @yourorganization. Participating in a trail with partner organizations also brings a new and valuable dimension to your cooperation.

Become a Teller or Guide of ‘The Red Monkey Story’

We are looking for passionate and talented Story Tellers and Story Guides who are fan of Red Monkey Innovation Management and the Engine of Innovation Mindset. Your region or organization needs you!

Story Tellers are experts and teachers who are eager to tell (part of) the story to others. Guides is a role for everyone interested in coaching or helping a team to reflect and translate insights to their own organization.

Passion without talent wanders.
— Jef Staes - Innovation Speaker, Author & Expert