A Red Monkey Story Trail combines different Awakening Chapters (Red, Engines, Heroes, Jungles & Rise). But each trail can also vary in format (evening sessions, weekly or monthly sessions, …).

A RMS Trail is the good way to learn the Red Monkey Story. All the key questions and awakening objectives are taught and discussed. Participation is open for all organizations from all sectors.

Upcoming 2019 Autumn Trail

Dutch Sessions

Types of Trails


We organize open Trails on a regular basis. These can be in English, Dutch, … and are organized in various locations. You’ll find an overview of upcoming sessions in our calendar.


Trails can also be organized in-company. This offers you the opportunity to engage a larger group within the organization. Together with Jef Staes and our Coaches, you discuss which chapters suit your team and organization. Preferably in-house sessions are also open to outsiders, but this is not a must.

If you are looking for a more intens program, then we recommend checking out our Bootcamps.