Each chapter of The Red Monkey Story tackles different aspects of innovation management, but they are all part of the same mindset. There is a clear connection through a shared vocabulary and insights that strengthen each other. You can of course opt to follow all chapters, but depending on your role in your organization you can also focus on a selection to fit that role. Some examples:

Are you active in Human Resources Management?

Then we recommend following:

Are you A Manager or Project Leader?

Then we think you should go for:

Are you a CEO or Executive?

Keep it simple and short. Choose for:

Are you A student or Employee?

Then we think you should go for:

Are you supporting or leading an Organizational Innovation Process?

Then the best combination is:

Are you … if you are interested in what sessions are a perfect fit for you. Get in touch!

Organizations without oxygen for passion... cause burnouts.
— Jef Staes - Innovation Speaker, Author & Expert