Organizations that transform themselves into agile and disruptive organizations, will see an immediate impact on their own portfolio. CEO’s must have the courage to phase out their own (successful) products before a competitor kills them. Disrupting the executive style of an organization is the vital key to become an ‘Engine of Innovation (EOI) Company’. 

Survival requires two crucial switches: a change in style and a new approach to management. It’s the only way to embraces continuous disruptive portfolio management and to fully deploy the passion & talents of employees. Without this, real agility is nearly impossible. 

In many organizations, the ‘Power Defect’ – a mismatch of competence and authority within the Executive and Management layer - makes this transition very confrontational and tough. Only if a CEO, owners and a critical mass of executives are willing to shift to a new paradigm, can real culture innovation is happen. 

This fifth part of the Red Monkey Story introduces the EOI Deployment Guide as a blueprint and guideline to make culture innovation possible. It offers the necessary tools for an organic, but disruptive EOI Culture Innovation Process. Is your organization ready for the ‘Rise of the Red Monkeys’?

Important take-aways are:

  • EOI Mission Boxing – How do you structure an organization

  • EOI Dashboarding - How do you measure and keep track of change

  • EOI Stepping - Offers an innovation strategy to deploy the Red Monkey Story

  • EOI Cubing - Brings together all aspects of the EOI Mindset

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