Key Questions

  1. What is 2D & 3D? And do we really need a new vocabulary to talk about innovation?

  2. What is the legacy of the previous century? What are the positives and negatives?

  3. What does it mean to be a Smart? How is it different today compared to the past? 

  4. What is 3D-Smarting? Why is it that we can talk about a ‘Global 3D-Smart Wave’? 

  5. How do you recognize 3D-Smarts? 

  6. What is the impact of 3D-Smarting on ‘learning’? What is ‘Real Learning’? 

  7. You developed Jeff’s Law as a new paradigm for learning. Explain. Explain ‘Bright’ in this context. 

  8. What will be the impact of 3D-Smarting and Jeff’s Law on education? on work? 

  9. You want to get rid of diplomas and propose the ‘Competence Playlist’ as an alternative. Why? Explain. 

  10. What is the impact of 3D-Smarting on innovation? Explain the Global 3D-Innovation Wave. 

  11. What is the impact of the Global 3D-Innovation Wave on the organization of working and learning? 

  12. How come organizations and education are not able to adapt fast enough to this Global 3D-Innovation Wave? (The Power Defect) 

  13. Explain the ‘Power Defect’ and Jeff’s Principle? How can we solve the Power Defect? (Red Monkey Innovation Management) 

  14. Where does the metaphor of ‘Red Monkey’? (Joel Barker) 

  15. Explain Red Monkey Innovation Management. 

  16. How does Red Monkey Innovation Management solve the Power Defect? 

  17. How can we embed Red Monkey Innovation Management in the culture of organizations? 

  18. Explain ‘Business Innovation powered by Culture Innovation. What is the difference? 

  19. To embed disruptive innovation in your business portfolio you need disruptive culture innovation. Why? (personal view on innovation) 

  20. Based on Red Monkey Innovation Management you developed EOI Culture Innovation. What is the bottom line of this culture innovation process? 

  21. No EOI Culture Guts, No EOI Business Glory. Why.