The world switches from a flat 2D-World to a disruptive 3D-World (Switch3D). In this 3D-World we need organizations that embrace disruption in their own portfolio. They must have the courage to kill their own (successful) products before a competitor does. The key to become an ‘Engine of Innovation Company’ is disruption in the ‘Executive Style’ of an organization. 

In this 3D-world we need 3D-Executives who are very competent in creating a organizational culture where there is an increasing opening for successful disruptive innovation. ‘Most’ 2D-Executives however don’t have the necessary passion and talents to make this transition happen. For this reason Red Monkey Innovation Management can only be introduced in these parts of an organization where executives are 3D-Hungry and 3D-Able. 

Important take-aways are:

This session introduces the Engine of Innovation Portfolio Matrix as a toolkit to make it happen. This matrix brings all the elements (Missioning, Inspiration, Incubation, Operation) together as a holistic development model.  

After this session you will understand the real meaning of EOI Business Innovation powered by EOI Culture Innovation and why organizations have to become jungles that solve the ‘Power Defect’ by defending ‘Red Monkeys’.