The Red Monkey Story

by jef Staes

The world is making a switch. It’s moving from a stable world where information was scarce, to a disruptive world, where information is abundant and creative, confrontational ideas the norm.

To talk about this world of innovation and change, we love to tell you ‘The Red Monkey Story’. It is thorough journey through this world of ideas of Innovation Expert Jef Staes. This disruptive tale is comprised of five modules. These can be combined to fit your profile.

  • Prologue: The Color of Innovation will be Red

  • The Personal Chapter: We are Engines

  • The Management Chapter: Managers are Heroes

  • The Executive Chapter: Organizations are Jungles

  • The Deployment Chapter: Rise of the Red Monkeys

The crux of the story is ‘Red Monkey Innovation Management’, which focuses on creating a really, innovative organization. What ideas should you protect? Where should you invest? How do you incubate new ideas and bring them quickly into operation? What management competences and HR-processes are vital to create an agile workflow?

A second aspect of ‘The Red Monkey Story’ is the introduction of a new Innovation Language: The Engine of Innovation (EOI) Mindset. It serves as a new programming language in your organization to talk about, introduce and deploy an organic transformation process. In Jef’s books and keynotes, he already uses various insights of the EOI Mindset, but The Red Monkey Story’ really tells you the whole tale.

Passion without talent wanders.
— Jef Staes - Innovation Speaker, Author & Expert