The Programme

The Perfect Organization is divided in 3 Parts.

Be Prepared … the things you can do before you attend ‘The Day’ (see menu).

The Day … a one day awakening session that will disrupt your mind with a new mindset for organizational development. Stories and Interaction will blend into a disruptive awakening (see below).

The Day After … you will decide what happens next … nothing or everything (see menu).

The Day - Open Session

09u30 - Walk-in

10u00 - Intro & Be Prepared

10u15 - The Color of Innovation will be Red

  • Switch3D

  • Legacy of 2D-Smarting

  • 3D-Smarts do 3D-Smarting

  • Jeff’s Law, the Electricity of Learning

  • The Competence Playlist

  • Global 3D-Innovation Wave

  • In Search for a New Balance

  • The Switch-3D Reboot

  • The Power Defect

  • Jeff’s Principle

  • Red Monkey Innovation Management

13u00 - Walking Lunch

14u00 - Managers are Heroes

  • Leaving the age of 2D-Managers

  • Entering the age of 3D-Managers

  • The EOI Agility Matrix

15u30 - Break

16u00 - Organizations are Jungles

  • Entering the age of 3D-Business Unit Managers

  • The EOI Portfolio Matrix

17u30 - Rise of the Red Monkeys

  • EOI Deployment Guide

  • EOI Mission Boxing

  • EOI Dashboarding

  • EOI Steps

  • EOI Foundation Members

  • Day After                                                                      

18u00 - Network Moment