Each part of the Red Monkey Story has its own Awakening Session. These are 1/2-day seminars that each tell a different aspect of Jef’s view on innovation and change. They are the standard way to learn the Red Monkey Story. All the key questions and awakening objectives are taught and discussed. Participation is open for all organizations from all sectors.

Upcoming Sessions

Dutch Sessions

English Sessions

Types of Awakenings

Open Sessions

We organize open sessions on a regular basis. These sessions can be in English, Dutch, … and are organized in various locations. You’ll find an overview of upcoming sessions at the bottom and on the page of each individual Awakening.

In-house sessions

Each Awakening Session is clear cut 1/2-day seminar which can also be organized in-company. This offers you the opportunity to engage a larger group. Together with Jef Staes and our Coaches, you discuss how your team and organization can start a transformation process.

Tips & Tricks

Start with your pioneers

Our experience with innovation management teaches us that buy-in is a crucial element to start a transition process. To achieve this, we advice to register with a small Executive team. This can be a divers team with employees from different business units. We do recommend to include at least one executive profile. The other members of the team can be added depending on a variety of factors. We gladly assist you in this choice.

Bring a Coach

Many teams and organizations have built a valuable relation with external teachers or have a pool of highly qualified internal coaches. It is clearly an added value to involve these experts in the process to guide a team and further discuss the next steps. So we invite you to bring your own coach to join your team during this day.



Each standard session last 1/2 day. This translates to a 3 hours and half session (including breaks).


Varies depending on the session and the formula you choose.